Our mission is broken down into four section

  • Bring the disability community together and work with other communities to be accepted into society as equals
  • Provide products and services to those requiring funding to fulfil medical and social needs
  • Educate Society on disability and provide workshops on disability history
  • Provide equal opportunities for employment for those who are disabled and are looking for work

How we achieving this?

So many great organisations and charities provide fantastic services; with disability being so diverse, it’s very difficult to bring everyone together, and this is what we are going to do.

Working with our ambassadors all over the UK, each building a relationship with social services, private healthcare professionals, carers and local community groups, we will hear the problems unique to each area and work on ways to tackle them locally and nationally. Its starts off by helping one individual and listening to all their struggles, as we know that others will face the same. We will then build a plan to find out what we can do in short to medium term and collectively, as a nation, work on longer-term solutions and its starts with just one.

Why Fund Equipment?

Equipment and services to those who are disabled assist them in doing what many people take for granted. The Co-Founder of the IMatter movement was temporarily disabled throughout the beginning of 2022 and knew the full impact of not having the right equipment and services to support you. Equipment for some is their access to freedom and opportunity. Still, yet equipment can be expensive, so cheaper equipment which is not of the same quality or unique design for the individual is supplied, not used, so it’s just wasted time and money for all. IMatter wants to ensure that medical and social needs are entirely met, to empower the individual to be themselves. We will work with healthcare professionals to ensure their medical needs are met, social services to see what entitlement the individuals have, and IMatter will help with the rest.

Education is key

The biggest minority group in the world is people living with disability, yet how much do we know about tours/their struggles, what things have we done right in the past and probably more importantly, what have we got wrong? We must learn from our past to plan for our future, and education is vital. IMatter will plan workshops with groups, schools and healthcare professionals about disability history. If we can make the world think about disability more, we don’t have to do anything in most instances apart from being more thoughtful.

Opportunities for all

How can it be that being disabled, you are 20% less likely to get employment than someone who isn’t? That’s even before you put your CV on the table or even get an interview.  Employers are not seeing the assets of the individual they see their disability. We are not promoting “employ me because I’m disabled”. We are promoting giving people with disability the same chance as everyone else. We are working with national and international companies and the DEI (Diverse, Equality and Inclusion) Officers to seek opportunities for all and how to facilitate inclusion