Hashtag with the mix colour representing disability.

Businesses, lets work together to help one person more.

Join IMatter in providing vital equipment and services to individuals who need it. We at IMatter C.I.C want to help individuals gain full access to the world around them, and for some, it’s the equipment and services that allow them to facilitate this. We want your business to join the IMatter movement in enabling more people with disabilities to obtain the equipment they need.

We all know the strains on the social and healthcare systems and how products are not getting funded. This is frustrating for everyone involved.

IMatter is providing tops ups funding for equipment; in some cases, it may even be the total price of equipment, which will depend on individuals’ needs. We expect high responses to these services and the IMatter team we work with on a case-by-case base. But for this to work, we need you as a business involved. We were hoping you could work with us to make sure we help as many as we can.

  • Looking at your companies approach those with lived experience of disabilities
  • Being included in our product provision scheme (Topup services)
  • Help us by continuing the movement for diversity and equality in lived experience
  • Provide a produce price list to work with IMatter

Grants and donations is what fund us, let’s help each other achieve our goals and dreams by helping one person at a time.