IMatter understands the importance of the right equipment, we know for some its apart of their identity, for other it’s vital and unfortunately there are some that it’s utterly unattainable due to the expense. On Average, it costs an extra  £583  a month to be disabled, and equipment is another one of those extra costs.

Why Equipment
We at IMatter have personally performed product assessment with healthcare professionals and have seen the good and bad sides of the social care system. The importance of the right equipment/service profoundly affects each individual to whom it is issued. The illation on someone’s face when being able to eat on their own, communicate with another, and obtain extra mobility is only possible by equipment/services for some individuals. Getting the right equipment that suits their needs is essential. It’s not a one size fits all product, all when disability is involved and contributes to the reason disability equipment can become very expensive. IMatter has seen first-hand individuals not being prescribed the equipment they so desperately need due to expense, we want to help as many people as possible.

Reason for Helping
IMatter wants those to be able to receive the equipment they require, as we believe for some it allows them to access society, to enable individuals to engage with their environments like, join the family for dinner, see their friends, go to work, the list is endless. The life experiences and skills gained from these activities are what include and connect us, IMatter believes everyone should have access to suitable equipment.

Apply for Funding
If you would like to receive potential top-up funding for equipment, please feel in the contact form below. We expect there to be a high level of individuals wanting to use this service, and we want to help as many people as we can. We really want to help those who can continue to support us improve the lives of others in similar situations. Be a part of the IMatter movement, IMatter, because we all Matter